Sunday, July 29, 2007

Most wanted

Aside from of those fancy SLR camera built by Nikon, here is another sleek, stylish, beautiful from head to end digital point-and-shoot camera Nikon has come out with, and I want it. I've been using Nikon cameras for so long. Nikon's quality is beyond words. But the hassles of carrying a big camera bag with heavy-as-hell gears seem like a burden to me at times. Times like when you just want some lookable pictures out of a casual event, times like you just want to click and go, times like I just want to slip a camera out of my purse and not having to be afraid to drop it. Carrying big/heavy camera is another reason why I don't have many pictures when I should have.

Built-in camera on the cell phone won't make a cut here--as much as I only want some lookable pictures, I don't want shitty looking photos either.

Price is acceptable too. I think this one is about $200-ish. Shouldn't break the bank, eh.

Now I'm looking for a deal where they sale a package camera with all the gears.


oakmonster said...

Hey, this does look cool. But sometimes, a camera phone crappy pic would do for me just to capture the moment.

On Nikon, I LOVE my D40! A massive upgrade from my dad's 1970s crank-everything-yourself Pentax. Hehee.

Pondering said...

Love the Nikon, always.

A lot of photographers at work still insist on Canon or some has been converted to Canon user. They say the technology is better and faster. I wonder is that's true.