Saturday, July 28, 2007

Funeral must-have

This might sound a little weird for many people, but I think everybody needs to make a list of what they want their funeral to be done when they are gone (and don't get to case their votes on what they really want for their memorial day.) One of my good friends back in college initiated this conversation one day and she did, she did make her request list for her own funeral. It makes sense to me, so here, I'm making a rough draft in case I forget later.
1) I want my funeral to be brief and short. No need to elaborate and make attendants bored. 3 hours for Thai funeral should be more than enough.
2) Most funeral in Thailand are held in the temple. I'm cool with that. I want to stick with dinner thing, but does not have to be at the temple. My parents can do their things for me their, but dinner should be at home. Make it comfy.
3) I don't want the flowers (paung-reed.) I always think they are creepy. Funerals don't need to be all doom and creepy you know. What about stuffed animals for mine? I like donkeys.
4) Let's stick with the classic for dress code--black and white. I like these two colors anyway.
5) Leave your kids home please.
6) Okay, for dinner, let's have: hor-mok, tom-yam-kung, chicken and basil, tod man pla and steamed rice. I also would like to add some appetizers--let's get some of those fresh spring rolls from Hadyai. My mom's family knows which restaurant I'm talking about. For Desserts, I want ga-lor-gee and bua-loy. Oh yes, these are all my favorites.
7) Use my childhood pictures for funeral. I think I'm cuter when I was young.

Well, that will be all for now. I will add more later.

FYI: I'm not planning to die or anything, but like I've said, it's something you can't really plan out so better be safe than sorry.

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