Sunday, July 08, 2007

I love summer. There are tons of reasons to love this lovely, sweaty seasons from bright blue sky to summery dresses, from sandals to outdoor cook-out smelling those charcoal grills. Yet, another reason to love summer is Cherries.

Yes, yes, yes, I'm talking about Cherries--rainier cherries, bing cherries and whatever cherries available in June, July and August. Love them, eat them everyday, many times a day. Comparing with other kind of fruits, cherries are quite pricy fruits. Here in Indianapolis, cherries are pretty much available almost all year round, but peak during this time of the year. During unpeak times, markets sell cherries, regular cherries, for about 6 bucks a pound. Rainier cherries are more expensive (they're also sweeter and juicier overall.) Personally I op for Bing cherries. Comparing with Rainier, Bings are less sweet with a hint of sour. Bings are deap red in color just like blood and satuated with tons of vitamin benefits and fibers. Anyhow, during this peak time, Bings are available for 2 bucks or so per pound. Today, I've bought them for $1.79 per pound, which is dirt cheap for cherries. Another reason to love this fruit, they are surprisingly fulfilling as far as those who love sweets. They actually help easing that 'urge' for ice cream (FYI: no fruits ever done this to me before. Top the ice cream? Seems almost impossible.) Love cherries since living in Thailand. My parents bought them from Australia if I get this right and I remember how much I loved them then. Cherries are rare in Thailand and I don't think we can grow them. They are mostly imported and sold very expensively.

See now, besides all of those reasons out there, what not to love about summer?

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