Friday, July 13, 2007

It is so funny how certain livings in this world disgust me most, but don't seem to do that to others.

I've never really fond to flowers. Growing up, most of my gal friends were crazy over getting bouquets of flowers on Valentine's Day. When they get sicked, visitors are expected to bring flowers. Guests at the graduation day are expected to bring more flowers. Homeowners enjoy gardening, decorating their homes with, again, flowers. Flowers are everywhere, even food. Back in Thailand, there are Thai flower salads. How could you?

I don't dislike most flowers. I think they are okay--some are eveb pleasant to look at. But I'm not expecting anybody to give me flowers. Call me pathetic. I think it's a waste of money. These flowers die (in days!!!) and then what? Your love and caring are just gonna die too? if you hand me flowers for Valentine's Day. Anyway, flowers are alright. Some of them, like Lily, are actually pretty (again, if I get it at no cost.) But some flowers are just gross--say, sunflowers and venus flytraps. These guys are just disgusting. Now you may be wondering, I have got a few good reasons for not liking venus flytrap. This thing moves like a machine. This thing grows by killing another life. They look like bunch of giant green beans, yet kill. They know when to execute, when to release and when to tighten the poor victim up. They aren't even pretty. In short, they are gross. But here sunflowers. Lots and lots of people love sunflowers. Though I don't completely disagree. Sunflowers against bright blue sky---emm...look pretty good. Sunflowers in a long distance, look pretty nice. But sunflowers in a close up version? They are too tall, plus they do that little head nodding up and down when we folks aren't aware. They are just creepy.

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