Monday, February 26, 2007

Home Plan

I've got a big picture today--a hardship of work life. You've got NO freedom of traveling.

I'm talking about a vacation here, well, not exactly. I'm just thinking it's about time for myself to visit Thailand...mainly family. This must be one of a very few bad side of living overseas and working at the same time--you can't seem to have enough "days off" for a flight back home. The home located on another side of the world. Unlike these folks at work, the idea of going home for them is like only a few hours trip. Some, 30 minutes drive. For me, almost a day worth of flying. Oh....we can't drive to Thailand from here, can we? LOL

It's almost an obligation for me this year to visit Thailand. Oh! let me rephrase that, it's my life mission of 2007. Pond is heading back to Thailand, baby. Here are some comments from fellas back home that make me feel pretty guilty.

Comment One: "Oh! hi, I almost forget I even have a niece," said aunt # 1
Comment Two: "That's okay. We almost forget about you already," said papa
Comment Three: "Are you ever gonna come back here?" asks aunt # 2
Comment Four: "I'm almost used to it," said mama
Comment Five: "Do you forget your life here? and your friends...maybe?" ask a friend.

And comment keeps coming non-stop since..............................I don't even remember.


Melissa said...

Hey Pond, I haven't been around for awhile...was actually in Thailand! Well...transiting through there, I was really in Cambodia.

While in BKK for two days I did nothing but eat, I think. Fabulous.

It is hard to get back and see family, I know. When I was working overseas it was the same. It's worth the effort though, family is important!

Pondering said...

So are you back here now?

How's Thailand?