Monday, February 12, 2007

Which way to Florida people?

People talk and then they make me panick.

You would think I should have gotten used to this winter/snow crap we have around Midwest years ago, but hell, I've never got used to it and probably never will. All I can do right now is to complain. Since I got to work this morning at 8 am until this evening I was leaving work, all I heard about is winter storm we are expecting tonight. It's gonna be a 24-hour non-stop snow/ sleet rain mix until midnight on Tuesday. We are expecting about 9-11 inches of snow--it's like a cake with icing--ice with thick snow on top of it. At first, I was kind of like "awww...that sucks," but since I have been brainwashed all day how bad it's gonna be, how roads are gonna slick, how traffic is gonna be like hell, and how much driving I HAVE TO deal with tomorrow, I'm now depressed.

It is even on the front page of the Indianapolis Star. I wonder if schools are gonna be all closed tomorrow and how dangerous it's gonna be on the road, why doesn't the city declare state of emergency? Let all the work places closed to--just for tomorrow. Then life can go on peacefully on Wednesday without somebody getting killed.


EVnoott said...

I wished I got a job in Indy.

Pondering said...

what's wrong with ya? lol

EVnoott said...

what's wrong with you si??