Friday, February 02, 2007


Thank God, it's Friday.

Nope, it didn't have a bad week at all. This week has gone by fast, yet, I love Fridays--well, to be exact, Friday evening. In the past two weeks, all I hear is about Super Bowl....Colts....Bears. It starts to get me nervous. I'm not sure if I will be able to watch the game anymore. Call me a wuss, I'm afraid I won't be able to handle disappointments. I will stay humble this Sunday. Well, let's get back to what I was talking about earlier--more Fridays. I love Friday evenings. I love the concept of not having anything to worry about in the next two days. I love the concept that I can just do absolutely nothing. So plan this weekend will be doing nothing and waiting for that Sunday of Super Bowl. But this Friday, I have something I will be thinking about...making a decision whether I will be watching the live game on Sunday. I know I sound very very retarded right now. Most folks out there have been waiting for this weekend and have plans to go here and there and party for the big game. Talking to one of my friends a few days before about considering not watching the game, he said it was stupid. "Why would you want to do that? It doesn't happen everyday--the home team makes it to the final round. It might not even gonna happen again in a while."

The thing is: Indianapolis Colts has never gone to Super Bowl before. The last time they did, Colts still belonged to Baltimore and that was back in the 70s. Guess it's a big deal. Watching it or not watching it? I told Dan I might end up going to Meijer for some grocery shopping at 6:30pm. Bet not having to fight traffic for sure.


EVnoott said...

While Indy people are thrilled about their once in many years superbowl champion attempt, Thai people are waiting eagerly to see the soccer match between Thailand and Singapore in today's evening game, Feb 4.

Thai people were pissed off from the previos match because of the obviously unfair call from the malaysian referee which led to penalty kick from Singapore team and that made them won the game in a very ugly way.

It's been a talk-of-the-town for week and today is the day we show them that Thai team is much better than Sigapore team.

Can you believe that the tickets were sold out? 20,000 tickets in total. 2,500 tickets that singapore people bought were returned because of the security reason. Singapore medias present the news in a pretty strong way against Thailand.

Thai soccer has been quiet and forgotten for many years. Now it's coming back so alive. I surely won't miss this game.

Pondering said...

Because of your vivid description, I got on Thairath website and just now found out that we lost to Singapore. That's too bad you know.

So I will take it as you are a soccer fan then..are you?

EVnoott said...

Yeah..Too bad we lost but we have shown that we are civilized people. Thai players had done their best and we are proud of them.

No, I am not a football fan but all thais will be there when needed.

Now life is back to normal. The Thai football association is back to the quiet and forgotten one.

Same old thai way!!