Friday, February 23, 2007

No Topic

I've never felt a week just flew by this fast until this past week. No it's not like I have been overly enjoying the week (something very dreaming and cheesy, er.... not really my thing,) but seriously this past week was pretty short and here I am--Friday all over again (and not complaining.) This past weekdays, I haven't done much really--work then home then work again. Besides, some times between those two, I've managed to learn making some new Thai dessert (okay folks, until now, is it "dessert" or "desert"? Which one is sandy lands, which one is sweets?) Anyhow, I've come to learn, I'm just not good at it--I mean, literally. I can make eatable main dishes, even some decent appertizers--Thai, American, Chinese or even Japanese. But when it comes down to anything with sugar, something that requires baking and flours (say, cookies, cakes, bread,) it's just not happening to me.

Last time I checked, I thought I was making dinner rolls. Turning out, they look like biscuits, and worse, they taste just like ones.

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oakmonster said...

Dessert is good it gets 2 S's! That's how I remember.

Baking takes precision. You can just kind of schlep things together like you can with cooking. But once you get a hang of it, it's quite fun!