Friday, March 02, 2007

First 48

This shows is a big huge reason I stop watching the fictional CSI: Investigation series--the real/ non-fiction version is more inviting and more real. "First 48" is like the CSI series, but emphasizes on investigating crime scenes from the police line of work. It does shows how detectives and CSI work together and it does show that Grissom's or Catheline's work is not as glamerous as how TV portrays them. Man, they don't wear lots of make-up, high heels or nice suits or anything close to that. They don't interview suspects. Those "cool" jobs belong to detectives.
I watch this show and often thinking how much "guns" destroy people's life. I never have anything against guns before until starting to watch this show. It's not really about the gun itself, but more about those stupid people who use them. Yet, it is too easy to get accessed and it seems to me that anybody carries a gun nowadays, yet, those same people either aren't mature enough or aren't smart enough to own one in the first place.


Melissa said...

Thailand's great, though I can't believe all the new shopping malls in Bangkok. I didn't even have the energy to go inside, they are just too big and imposing.

Food rocks though, as always. I ate and ate and ate.

When are you going over?

Pondering said...

I'm planning for this August--late August to be exact. I can't wait.

Oh I know...all those food.

Are you back yet?
Was your Thailand's trip a vacation or else?