Friday, February 09, 2007

Words Use

I went to Indianapolis Star online public discussion yesterday and there is this one discussion has sparked me to add a comment. How do you call something national like Super Bowl a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP when the sport is played nationally?

Now I understand, when two words--world--and--championship--are collided, they make things sound so EXTRAordinary like you are the are the best in the world. As much as I really enjoy our local Colts World Championship, however, it sounds funny every single time I hear or see it. See, it's American Football (where the only two positions use foot to kick and where the rest of the world have already claimed the word "football" in refer to "soccer," which is a sport that really use foot to kick, except for only one position that uses hands--goalie.) I know some countries like Japan starts to play American football recently, but it's like a hobby you know. It's like a trend. When someone uses the word WORLD following by anything at all (world soccer, world trumpet player, world italian chef etc.,) I normally think of the best of the best. The best in so and so who has competed with those (in the same industry) all around the world to win the word WORLD....whatever that follows. If Thailand wants to have this Tra-Krow Championship game and say, Thailand wins, wow! how proud would that be to be titled as World's Tra-Krow Champion when there are probably Thailand and a few of our neighbours who know HOW-TO play? I say, it's lame.

Speaking of American football, it's like a national game--just call it National Championship or something like that. Trying to speak of some Americans out there, jeez, they really take it personally.

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oakmonster said...

Apparently, the "World Series" is so because it includes Canada and Puerto Rico...or something like that.


Well, as long as the rest of us has the real thing: The FIFA WORLD Cup. ;)