Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The First Love-Part Three

My eyes start to adjust a bit, but my mind doesn't. What I see seems so real and that I don't mean to come out in a cheesy way--the guy is standing two inches away from me. The same long-hair guy I saw on the train. The one I have been wondering who he was, and how I was gonna get to know him. He is introducing himself right here, right now. It is very promising.

The picture I saw--a smart-looking guy with oval-shape eye glasses wearing his straight hair down just touching his shoulder. Mick was wearing a dark green scottish t-shirt with a pair of faded ripped jeans along with flip-flop sandals. He seems like a misterious type kind of guy who doesn't seem to talk a whole lot. It was right around 11:3o pm when I put pieces together and realized how real this moment was. Mick said he has gotta go. "I had work to do," Mick said. A job at almost midnight?

It doesn't take other seniors long after Mick left to fill me in. Mick was a drummer at one of the hippiest bars in town--he has been doing this since he first arrived to Chiang Mai a few years back. He has his own bands, he is into drinking, partying, but to sit in the classroom listening to what professors have to say, it's not his cup of tea. After listening to what other seniors have to say, I still don't know him. I walked back to my dorm room wondering what tomorrow will bring. What's next week will be like. Who is Mick? Will we get along? Before I could even fill myself in with all those questions, I heard a phone ring. Another person on the line was Mick, "hey, I should have asked you sooner. Do you wanna come over here to see what I'm doing?"


EVnoott said...'s like Japanese comic. Cool!

Pondering said...

oh come on.....

at least it isn't a fiction. real life story sounds lame some times. lol

gnoott said...

I saw 'Click' the other day. In the middle of seeing it, I almost thought it was a bad movie because it wasn't that funny but then it turned out to be very touching and gave a good moral.

However, it's not the kind of movie I'd see again.