Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snow and Bad Drivers

Finally, out REAL snow has arrived, yesterday. Between 2-4 pm, it has already added up to 4 inches. I was sitting inside my office yesterday and all has been through my head was: "how the hell am I gonna make it out here?" Repeat.

Looking over to the main road, there were two things I saw: 1) cars getting stuck, not moving. Ten minutes later, same cars still parked on the same spot--probably been moving a few inches or so. 2) more snow. I heard a colleague saying something about I-70 was closed due to some semi-trucks wrecking. Our receptionist said her boyfriend had been on the road for 3 hours now. I called Dan, he said his tank was almost empty though he had been in his car for over 2 hours. Yesterday evening was such a wreck. I heard my boss pondered, "oh this snow is so beautiful!" Well, wait till you hit the road and say that again.

I'm an okay driver in a fair weather. I'm a bad driver in rain. I have become a desasterous driver when it comes to snow, and I know it. I'm dangerous to myself and a car nearby. Yesterday night, I managed to get home safely (surprise, surprise.) The whole way home, I was thinking what the hell I am doing here. Indianapolis is so damn cold and I'm definitely not made for it. Snow is pretty and dreamy, BUT wait till you see what it will look like the day after (such as today.) It's wet, nasty and very slippery. No so pretty afterall.


EVnoott said...

I love snow.
I love snowflakes.
I love snow falling on my head.
I love diving into snow.
I just love snow.

Pondering said...


Anonymous said...

Step 1: Get a Subaru.
Step 2: Never worry about snow again.

EVnoott said...

Step 1: Fly to BKK
Step 2: never worry about snow again but about everything else instead


Pondering said... are right.