Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The First Love-Part Two

I'm not a winning-lottery type of person, but if I've ever gotten lucky out of anything at all, this must have been it.

From the part one, that guy happens to be a year older and being in my department, which means, my chance is maximized into a it-may-happen-between-us type of thing. I'm 30 years old right now, so at this point when I look back, I know, that was a love at first sight (something I'm still afraid to admit it's real until years later.) You know that type of "liking" that turns into "loving" and turn into "breath-in-breath-out-thinking-about-his-face-all-the-time" kinda feelings. This guy, "Mick" (so there is, his name) is real. To tell this story right now, it sounds like boom-boom-bang-bang, but in the real life back in 1990s, it wasn't. My feeling has been built up bit by bit, from seeing him here and there everyday. Until one day after our freshie initial craps (FYI: This thing takes like months of boot camps,) it was time to find out who is gonna be my school brother or sister. This person shares my last three student codes and this person "is supposed" to take care of me for the whole year to get me started on my new life in college. Meaning, "this person" will have a brother/sister or sister/sister relationship with me, helps me with school works, goes to bars with me and list goes on. This will be a lifetime relationship. I remember how excited my friends and I were to meet "the one" who will introduce us to what/where/how around this new city and environment. Chiang Mai University has been known for this system. It's been proven it works. So here, I have my faith in there--looking forward to every minute of it.

I remember the seniors blindfold us into one of these room. It must have been passed 9:00pm at night. My friends and I stood there for 30 minutes or so, then we started to smell a scent of candle. We heard a song sung by seniors welcoming us to the life outside what we all came from. I felt a touch on both of my hands. I heard someone whisper into my right ear, saying "Welcome to campus. I will be your brother here. I will take care of you. From now on, you are my sister and bet this will last forever." Right when the song finished, "that person" took off the blindfold.

My eyes havn't adjusted to the fluorescent lights that have just been turned back on just yet, but all I could see at that moment was a picture of a long hair guy smiling at me, holding my hands, says, "My name is Mick, and I am your brother."


EVnoott said...

There, it's something I never had...touching memory from University.

I like this kind of story, especially when it's something that really happened.

Don't have me wait for too long time. The curiosity is killing me!!

Pondering said...

now i start to feel like a self absorb person--writing about stuff from a long time ago. but heck! it's my blog so i can write about anything i wish, right?