Sunday, February 04, 2007


While typing this blog, Super Bowl is still on and we are down 6 to 14 with 4:20 minutes left on the first quarter.

It's just my way to distract myself from the game a little so I don't get too involved, overly excited, anxious, happy or worse..disappointed. I don't consider myself a die-hard football fan, though, I enjoy watching football. This is probably the first season I have been rooting for the Colts. Especially when they are playing against Bears, it becomes very personal. Here is why:

1) Since I've lived in Indy. I enjoy football. Colts have been doing great. I don't see why I shouldn't root for them.
2) With all the number 1 combined, I have found myself making lots of friends out of this simple topic, Colts.
3) So when Chicago Bears have won NFC Championship, they are the enemy--a very corky one. Chicago media, people and city believe they will beat us, and yes, they have been talking shit about Indy and I don't like that. I'd rather take a subtle way. So now, I really want Colts to win just to prove some points.
4) Love the coach. Dungy is a very subtle guy...very polite....very quiet. He is different than those yelling/ screaming NFL coach we see.

Now I feel obligated to root for the Colts, but as much as I'm concern, I don't know if I can handle watching this game. By 10pm, result should be in.


EVnoott said...

So Colt won. Congrates!!

Melissa said...

You must be happy 'bout the win! I didn't watch it...I can't tolerate football anymore.

By the way, I have been updating my blog, maybe you are at the wrong site? It's boring anyway haha.