Monday, December 31, 2007

My Expectation(s) of Thailand none.

I'm aware; an individual without an expectation appears to be a hopeless person. It appears to many not having any expectation shows lacks of hopes and dreams. It shows a sense of surrender. It makes me sound like I'm giving up on Thailand.

I disagree.

Thailand, just like any other countries, has bads and goods; ups and downs. New Year is just another day. The world is still spinning. We continue to do our things. Thailand remains a country; not hell nor heaven. Many love Thailand, many hate Thailand. Many believe Thailand is an exotic location while other says Thailand is a high crime area.

The bottom line is: who cares?

I can names many things that make me frustrated about Thailand and can make a long list of what can be changed in order to make Thailand a better place. But again, why look into what I don't like about it.

Saying I dislike this and hate that aren't going change a thing. Why not concentrate on what I like about it. At least, it is healthy to stick with positive things. I cherish what Thailand has as a country and the country that I grew up on; many little things--bad or good--count and these little things are perfect components of making me who I am today.

So It's a New Year. It's just another day. Let's make a wish and take actions; instead of making unnecessary expectations.

PS: I'm writing and posting this based on US Central Stadard time. Happy New Year in Thailand. Here is the US....we are 4 hours shy of New Year.

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happy new year