Monday, March 19, 2007

Wanna be a Bond's Girl for the first time in my life of a fan of 007, I actually imagine myself as a Bond's girl (pretty scary, huh?)

I've been hearing this and that about Daniel Craigs for a while and last week, I got to see him in "action." The man is hot as hell as far as his sextuality and charm (I know..I know..I actually hear myself talking about a guy like a high school girl.) Lots of critics have been bragging about this movie, saying Craigs' performance is good here and there, but that isn't even the "REAL" point. I don't even care about that. For some reasons, the movie could have sucked, but I know I'd still be watching it. Basically we all who have watched this movie have paid the price for this Bond to be in a swimming suit (aka tight brief.... and I mean "tight.")

I will stop now. The more I say, the more.......em...what's the word for it?

The content? I don't know. It doesn't even give me the sense of watching James Bond movie and I don't know why. But it isn't a bad movie. It is an okay movie in my opinion. Well, that isn't even the point. I think it is a great movie in my "eyes." lol.


oakmonster said...

For a complete and total man meat treat, I highly suggest 300. Not much substance. Loads of fansy visual. But man meat factor is 200% pure hunk. De-lic-ious!

No one can ever replace Pierce Brosnan in my heart. But I will rent Casino Royale.

EVnoot said...

Can you believe they removed that part when Bond was walking in swimming suit out in Thailand? I saw that part in the movie trailer but not in the movie itself.

Heard a lot that he's not handsome enough to be Bond but it turned out he's quite charming and, in my opinoin, the closest to the secret agent characterictics.

In the first part of the movie, I thought I was watching one of Ja-Pamon's movie. Then in some part, I think it's very boring and felt like the movie would never end. There's always more issues to follow.

I think it was an okay movie also.

Pondering said...

I'm praying for Thai theatres to show more of da "meats" and less