Wednesday, March 07, 2007

They call it 'Yipeng'

One of my favorite festivals of all time goes to Loy Krathong or Yipeng in Chiang Mai. During my four years when living there, I have always been looking forward to the day(s) I get to ride behind a motorcycle around town, pick up (of course, I have no skill in this area) a nice-looking Krathong to float, overeat fried meat balls and pick a comfy area to lay my buns down looking up in the sky. It is pretty. Chiang Mai celebrates Loy Krathong like nobody else--a total of three days straight with fireworks.

Like going to a ball game or a concert, I like to consume its atmosphere. Some people hate to go down to Mae Ping River because of the jammed traffic, crowded space and more drunks walking around. But to think about it, without these unpopular factors, it would have been boring as hell. Really, what's the point of going down there if there was nobody. What's the point of celebration if it's quiet, no foods, no drunks, no fireworks, no colors. No point at all I figure.

After four consecutive years, I've always went back for more. Unlike Bangkok, there are several areas you can celebrate this festivals. Chao Praya River is long--long enough for ones to pick a location to celebrate. But Ping River? Chiang Mai people goes to the same location together over and over again. It makes you feel like the whole town agrees to participate in this event. It is fun.


EVnoot said...

Why are you talking about 'Loy Kratong' while the 'Song Kran' is coming up??

That's pretty fun in Chiang Mai too.

Pondering said...

I don't know. I feel like loy kratong instead of song kran I guess, lol