Sunday, March 04, 2007

Big City Nearby

I'm going to Chicago (again) this Friday for several reasons--I'm always excited.

Chicago is not so far from Indianapolis--probably gonna take about 3 hours of right-at-the-speed-limit drive and more likely will be less according to nobody-drives-right-at-the-limit rule. I was a first-timer at the Chi-town about 7 years ago during my first year at Ball State to visit one of my mom's best friends who owns a restaurant in the city. I didn't have a car then, so I took greyhound bus (thinking about it how makes me sign. How did I do that? Don't know. Riding a bus alone with very little English to Chicago? I don't know.) That trip took me 8 hours total (compared with 3 hours driving.) Greyhound took so long. Second time, I went to Chicago with some Thais from school. I remember walking so much that my feet couldn't handle all the sores and pains, but it was fun. Third, forth and counting. Trips to Chicago is still complex. Traffic is still there. I am still lost. But I like Chicago. It has something Indianapolis does not--variety.

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