Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Bond

Just to explain my obsession at the moment. I think it has a lot to do with the attitude of this Bond. Yet I agree with Oakmonster, Brosnan is good too--he is like a Bond between the classic version and modern. Craig is kinda modern though. One thing I do catch from the movie is that I feel like his is no as sophisticate as other bonds as far as "BLINGS" go. Less gadgets and whatsoever. I hope Thailand theatre would have shown it all.

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oakmonster said...

Finally watched it on Friday. I like the movie. And I am AFRAID of Daniel Craig. He looks like he can hurt you...which is his reasons behind the body sculpting.

I read in an interview that he wasn't beefing up for the out of the water scene. He wants the body that looks like it could seriously hurt you, you know, a realistic built for a spy/assassin. And he succeeds in that.

His acting is great. I loved it. His cocky attitude makes me hate him. The tender moment in the shower was very sweet. Etc.

Still, I didn't find him hot. He's just not handsome enough for me! Hahahah! The make out scene actually makes me cringe a little.

Then again, I'm scared of his biceps. LOL.