Sunday, March 11, 2007

Little Time for a Little Trip

Dan and I stopped by Rosemont on the way to Chicago on Friday, and here was what I saw--a giate-size rose sticking up from the ground. To tell you the truth, this crap is ugly as hell. We all know this town close to Chicago called ROSEmont--I guess they are just trying to make it obvious...too obvious. This rose wannabe is huge, again very monster-like and looks like something bad that has just come out of a movie like Harry Potter. I don't know. It's just not my style. Errrrkkkk...

Anyway, it was a good weekend getaway. I love the idea of being Chicago. I feel kinda cool. But after 3 days there, I don't know. I feel like living in a big city again will make my life complicated. Too many people...too many problem...too much headache. As far as I know, I don't wanna pay 80 cents for every a few miles I am on the toll road. Anyhow, traffic is my big issue and the same one I had when living in Bangkok.

Didn't do anything so productive in Chicago, but it was a nice weekend getaway, experiencing some new restaurants.


melissa said...

Glad you had fun in Chicago. I lived there as a little kid, and one of my memories is the hideous suburbs like "Rosemont". Suburban Chicago is gross, house after house and road after road. Cookie cutter images.

But the city is awesome. Some great neighborhoods, fun things to do and great restaurants. If I lived in that area I would have to live in the city, living in the burbs would depress me like hell.

Pondering said...

I like suburban town closed to a big city. During the Chicago trip, I stopped by this suburb of Oakbrook--it's about 15 minutes west of Chi. This place is so nice that I can imagine myself living there for real.

I didn't know you lived in Chicago, life must have been pretty hip then, eh?

melissa said...

hey, hip for a 5 year old! hehe
close in burbs are ok, i like Oakpark, is that the one you mean? it has a lot of good architecture and more of a city feel than a suburban feel.