Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Nude Guru

When I was living in Thailand, my addiction to his ways of writing and his unique attitude is very high. I've been a big fan. What's not to love about Thailand's nude guru/ artist/ writer, Niwat Kongpien?

In case some of you guys don't really know him, Niwat Kongpien is known for his love of female body. Not sure if he is still writing for the weekly Matichon, but he has had a weekly column with them analyzing female's bodies in *details.* Niwat mainly discusses about revealing photographs taken on magazines or books. And the way he writes about them is one of the reasons I just love the guy.
Easy-to-follow, unique, straight-to-the-point, blunt, provocative and confident ways he portrays each photograph are admirable. He describes sexual desire, parts and feelings like nobody else. He sees what most people don't.

To many people, he is siding to be a pervert. To me, he is aiming towards beauties of human's body, and honesty of human's sexuality. A few years ago, I got an accident chance to talk to him. His attitude towards his career and Thai society have amazed me until today. His progressive thoughts make me feel that we need more of him in the society. I believe he fills in a few missing important spots in Thai society--criticism, assertiveness and sexuality.

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