Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Forgive and Forget

Just a thought, a personal ponder, an opinion.

I get irritated a lot, then I forget. When I tell somebody I forget something, I really mean what I say. Whatever it is; doesn't bother or matter to me anymore. Somebody isn't like that and it's cool. We all have different approaches.

But I find it very annoying.

There are times when people offend me, piss me off; making me wanting to bite their head off. I do let them know though that I don't appreciate it. But soon, I find a reason or so to forgive them. I don't hold grudges against them. I don't use that very reason to attack them or even mention it to cause irrational problems. But if they ask me if I have forgotten, I'd tell them straight up I haven't and there is no due date on when I will. I may forget next week, next month or next year. But chances are: I just simply do not forget--never. I'm usually not like this unless there are certain circumstances I find very unexceptable.Throughout my lifetime, I can count 2. I keep it as a lesson I guess. Personally I don't think it is a good quality in me. Well, it isn't good for me mentally because this kinds of thing can add up if you know what I mean. If I can find a reason to let it go from my never-forgetting mind, I think I should. It allows more space in my brain to absorb many other positive things. What I dislike most is that Many people say they have forgiven and actually have forgetten, but when you look deep down into their eyes, they really haven't--at all. This kind of thing shows if you know what I mean.

I wonder what other people think about this matter when they honestly look at themselves and how they handle certain things that bother them most. Do they just forgive and forget it, or they forgive, but not forget or the other way around? I wonder if they ever hold grudges against somebody? Do they let that person know? I'm just wondering.

I told ya. It's just another boring blog from me (which I've been doing a lot lately) lol.


p'pung said...

Don't take it literally when a person say he/she already forgot about it. See at his/her intension, you may find something different.

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