Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It comes down to this.........

Yep, I've got it. My latest jersey I'd been contemplating about getting one of this....Colts's Vinatieri away jersey number 4.

I must admit....a jersey can be pricey since the material is nothing close to the word *comfortable* since there is no such as thing as *strechy* of a jersey's component. I mean....why'd want to pay over $55 for a piece of tent-like fabric? What about those rediculously expensive/ so-called *authentic* jersey costing over $300 just so I can have them numbers of a stranger's last name stitched on my back? Yeah...I was that person who made a similar comment just like that a few years back.

Not anymore, yesterday, I've made a small purchase (and I only say 'small' because the couple that had just walked pass me probably pay several hundreds dollars on beany chairs, Colts leather jackets and only God knows what else) for a little over $50 for an away Vinatieri jersey. Initially, I went all the way to Colts Pro Shop in Circle Center, downtown in search for Dallas Clark away jersey. luck. The dude is a popular guy this year. I've settle for this kicker, for now. I'm thinking I already have Manning pink jersey, this Vinatieri away time when I see Clark, I will get a home jersey...big blue.

I'm excited. Over the year, I've become one of those losers paying way too much money for a piece of tent-like fabric that would probably cost like $3 to make.


oakmonster said...
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oakmonster said...

Sorry. Made a major boo boo in my post. Here's the corrected version.

I found my way out with USC boy's jersey. When I bought it, it was $30+ instead of the ladies' version of $50. Sure, it doesn't hug my curves (or lack thereof) the way the ladies' jersey would have, but it fits me better than the men's and a hell of a lot cheaper than both the men's and the ladies'.

But heck, I just plunked down $20 for a USC hard hat I would only wear once a year to Homecoming. Who am I to tell you about football fandom frugal spending habit, eh? Hehee. :)