Monday, November 26, 2007

If you can't beat them, JOIN them

While I'm writing this blog, I'm waiting for Steelers/ Dolphins game to start. There has been a delay though due to some on-going rain and lightings--this is killing those new grasses laid nicely at Heinz Field. It will be muddy night in Pittsburg (though I'm not complaining. I'm very anticipating to see muddy Rothisburger rolling around the on field any minutes now.)

Living in Indianapolis myself offers me many opportunity to attend many professional sport events from Pacers to Colts and the city itself is the home of NCAA headquarter, especially last year, the Colts has won our city the first Lombardi Trophy--this makes it more exciting for sport fans around here. Since I've moved to the US, I know I'll end up liking football. Aside from my job requirement to attend various games from time to time, I find myself begging my boss to let me go to football games--both home and away games. Football (American football) has appealed to me as an aggressive sport. During my first year in the US, little as I knew, I didn't understand the game well (although I understand enough of how form-fitting those pants are, lol). So I didn't get to enjoy it. At first I a little oppose an idea of sitting there and watching a game after another. Saturdays are college games and Sundays are NFL....soon I learn the system. Living in an environment when almost all my friends, co-workers, boyfriend and pretty much anybody I know worship football, I soon join them.

I find football pretty amazing really. I'm not surprise how much I love football now, but I'm a little surpise on how long I can sit and watch football on weekends. For once, I'm amazed on how big of the football business and how much money/ business football has generated to the city. I'm thinking about a controversial subject occured in Indianapolis just a year or so ago on whether the city should use tax payers money to fund a new Colt stadium. By the time I know it, I can see a brand new billions dollars stadium 80% built anticipating to be ready for 2008 season a few minutes from my apartment.

Okay...I'm off to watch the game. See ya!

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