Sunday, November 04, 2007

You Win Some, You Lose Some

It just ended a few minutes ag0. I strongly felt disappointed, discouraged and pretty much down.

Indianapolis Colts was defeated by New England Patriots 20-24. It is our first loss of this season bringing us to 7-1. It was a big deal to me for a few minutes. Until I've discovered a few things. I though have found a light through this disappointment that just has occurred to me.

I'm not going to talk football here, but more of a big picture. Last season, the Colts has won the first Super Bowl for this city since Irsay has bought the team in the 80s from Baltimore. The first---so imagine anything with the first time ever in it; it's big. Since then, people just love the team more. Many Colts-logo items have been sold like hot cakes. Indianapolis has turned to be a big sport town...bigger than before. People are dedicating to the team. Dedication comes with its price; people's hope and expectation are higher than ever. So with the loss tonight, for a second, it felt unbearable. I've been thinking about life (not the football anymore). People set certain expectations on something, having high hope, then they fell. When people expect something of someone too much, if things go good; it's great. If things go bad, they fall. When they fall, they fall hard and it hurts a bunch.

What if we all try not to have expectations and just take life as the way it is. What if we live for today and go by the flow. I guess when we fall, we won't fall as hard. What if we don't take life too seriously and except things just the way they are.

You win some, you lose some. Sounds fair to me. What about you?

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oakmonster said...

I'm a USC Trojans fan. What do you think I think about "You win some, you lose some"...? ;-D