Saturday, May 12, 2007

Oh Yeah

Some people loves attention. The more you give it, more you satisfy their needs. Though I always believe, negative or positive attentions, it doesn't matter. Attention is attention whether it's a bad one or good one.

See, I've come across this news (well, not really news) about Paris Hilton probation violation thing and I think, now, here is more attention. Some men I know say that the reason, "well, you girls hate Paris because she is rich and beautiful." Yeah, rich, maybe. But beautiful, heck no. I wouldn't define that as beautiful, really. Anyway, so I've came across a column written by Leonard Pitt, JR in Detroit Free Press (FYI: my fav newspaper) about her. The first paragraph sounds pretty good to me. It goes: "Are you heartbroken that Paris Hilton has been sentenced to jail? Me neither. I take it as welcome evidence that occasionally karma gets it right and the universe slaps those most in need of slapping. Rarely has comeuppance been more desperately deserved." And it goes: "Not just because she is a famous-for-nothing socialite, nor just because she is an empty vessel inexplicably adored by people for whom vacuousness is apparently synonymous with worth."

The last paragraph reads like this: "Consequences may arrive late, but they almost always arrive. Something for Hilton to consider as she spends 45 days wearing an orange jumpsuit and taking group showers in a little place I like to call reality. It couldn't happen to a more deserving person."

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noott said...

"Consequences may arrive late, but they almost always arrive."

Love it.