Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yahoo Answers

This is very strange. Have you ever heard of Yahoo Answers?

I was intially introduced to Yahoo Answers back in September last year after my ear surgery (and you can imagine how much time I had to just sit around and do nothing.) I was so bored. You can only watch movies so much and read so much then you will eventually get bored, again!!

If you never heard of Yahoo Answers-it is one of millions thing for those who have no friends, but plenty of time to kill to play with. Aww I'm just partially kidding. You can sign up for it, make up a personalized avatar like the one of mine on your right hand on this screen or you can just download your own picture in there or just simply leave it blank, duh.

There, you get to answers tons of questions people around the world have asked. You get a score or so when you answer and win big scores when your answer is picked as best. The best part is I can get to ask. I love this part. I love it, addicted to it. I'm sure we all have lots of things to ask and I can just do so here online without getting embarrassed (questions like...what's pedicure?) I'm sure I get an honest answer or more everytime I ask something because those people who answer, they don't know me either. I need it once in a while--an honest feedback.

It is so weird to explain this addiction to anybody, especially when there is no touchable rewards from earning points.

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