Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh again

It never fells me. Every year in the months of May, June and December, I have always put myself in the situation of wasting money for craps that I don't even "need."

Limited Brands (Victoria's Secrets, Bath and Body Works just to name a few) have their semi-annual sale around this time of the year. They carry the "goodies" that women want, well, need. No I wouldn't die if I don't have their lovely Pink sweats, but it will end up making me feel that I would have, should have and could name the reasons for missing bargain deals that you'd love to have.I love Victoria's Secrets perfume, undies and Pink sweats. I love every single items Bath and Body Works carry. This year, I would love to try some of those extensive selections of Vic Secrets bath gel. Oh! and who does love their cute boy shorts. See, I've started a new saving account a while back and every time I get paid, I put most of my earnings in the bank so that I won't touch it. Do I need to go to the store today just to see what they have? Oh it's juts a peek? I won't even gonna buy anything. I will just be looking. Jeez........