Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's about time!

I've gotten a confirm from my boss today that I can leave for Thailand--we are talking about a month worth of joyous time here, baby!

I'm very excited. Time flies. It's been 3 years--whole three years that I've been feeling a little like craps on and off to abandon my parents and family members. Ideas of not being able to be there while the clock is ticking away kill me. You know, people are getting older and my parents are no exceptions. In the past couple of months, my aunt (dad's only sister) has been diagnosed with cancer. My aunt number 2 (mom's sister) has been diagnosed with breast cancer (hint goes to me, damn it!) Aunt number 3 (mom's sister again) has learnt that she needs a surgery to fix her bone somewhere in the lower back. Aunt number 4 (mom's sister again and again) also has the same problem with aunt number 4. My cousin (aunt number 5's son) has been diagnosed with cancer as well. And they all live outside BKK. Since my mom has retired in January this year and my sister has been back there from the US, my parents house is a motel for out-of-towners and my sister and mom have acted as the transporters/ visitors to the hospitals.

That sounds like a lot of missings to me. I could have been there and should have been. When people get older, you just never know. Time goes by and heck, I am here listening to what I hear over the phone, feeling very useless. My family is very tight-knitted. We are all close. I was actually raised by my mom's side of family until I was about 3 years old. When I was in school, I spent every summer there in Hadyai with lots of aunts for 3 months each year--and had been doing so until I went away for college.

So here now, I will be buying a round-trip ticket to Thailand hoping to be there towards the end of August.

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