Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tattoo--Do you love it?

I do.

Just recently, I have a debate (actually, multiple ones) about why people get a tattoo (or make it plurals.) A co-worker expresses that he never understands why some people (including me) think tattoos are cool. He thinks they are inappropriate (well, he actually uses the word, "gross" and "disgusting" lol.) and sees nothing close to become an art. Another co-worker said tattoos are an absolute "uncool" and look definitely horrible, especially on girls/ women. The worst location to have a tattoo goes to where it is visible, say, neck, arms, feet, etc, according to them.

As a proud tattoo owner, I really disagree with the comment. But since I'm a monitority in the room full of tattoo haters, I shall listen. I say, using a phrase like, "tattoos are cool" makes tattoo owners feel less professional and/ or lack of passion for an art on skin. Tattoo is permanet as we all know it and as of me, it took me over 5 years to actually walk myself up to a tattoo place to get one done. Ever since, I'm a proud owner--love every minute of having it on me. Though I don't really walk around and tell people I have one until they ask. Not because I'm ashame to admit I have one, not because I'm afraid to be judged. But my main reason to get a tattoo is to please myself and I'm damn sure pleased for a little over 6 years now. I believe tattoo is a form of art and if it makes its owner feel good about it, then it's "cool." Though, if some dumb kids getting a tattoo while being drunk or just because they look at having one is a fashion, then, I feel bad for you.

A process of obtaining a tattoo is pretty painful to me--it's by far the worst of self-injuries. This is exactly why I still have not gotten a second done. Call me a wuss, but man! I still remember every minute of my moment years ago.


oakmonster said...

So where is this tattoo of yours? :) I have a musical G clef on my right ankle. Will get bass clef on my left later. And hoping to put a dragon, my grandfather's name, on my back somewhere...if Brandon'd let me. :)

Pondering said...

hey oakley
I didn't know you have a food blog!!!!!!