Saturday, April 14, 2007


Love the Rottweiler. Besides cuteness as a young pup and muscular cool-looking adult, I love their attitude--love the family, royal, territorial, aggressive, intimidating and sporty. As a person who rent an apartment, I can't picture myself with a Rottweiler just yet--not now. I really can't see this dog in a one-bedroom and since my apartment complex tanents seem to have these little midget lap dogs running everywhere, I still don't see any compatability in this neighborhood.

I've done some serious research on this breed for quite a while now since, well, I want one bad. But for sure, I am not ready yet to have a large dog around. Again, the reason behind it is "space." Growing up, I've never really like small dogs--those cute/ canine wannabes. They are extremely annoying. My ideal dog has to be a dog, not a doll. A friend I can play with, wrestle with and a friend who can guard me. Love the Rottweiler!


OakMonster said...

Got 2 friends with Rotties. Once they grow up and mellow out, you'll have a better time. Otherwise, they're like kids with ADD. They need to be doing something or they'd get bored and rip into your house. Heh.

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