Saturday, April 07, 2007


A few weeks back, a 14-year-old girl was abducted from a bus stop and raped at an empty house in the neighborhood in the dawn by we-don't-know-who-yet. It makes a HUGE deal in Indianapolis where this kind of crap does not happen on a regular basis (well as far as public knows.)

Now, I can rave about how sad and terrible this news is and how that rapist was born as an animal and so on for days, but my point is (and that I've shared my thought in a community online board just so you know): if you are going to prevent it, what should we do besides classic stuff like walking your daughters to the bus stop, enforce neighborhood watch....list goes on?

I just think the "law" should have been more severe, more uncivilize. If throwing people in jail doesn't do any good, maybe we should have had it written somewhere where the panalty aka consequences are severely uncivilized, say, once you catch the bad guy, throw him or her in the community. Let the guy do his term there. Let the community beat him up really don't wanna say it, but bet, that'd work (and here is where I see a reminder for myself to find an anger management class, lol.)


EVnoot said...

Recently, there is a similar incendent happening in Thailand. The similar part is a girl got raped. The story is a lot different.

There was a girl who had a twin brother. Her friend made phone call to her around 11 pm. Then,for some reason, she went out to meet that friend but it was so late at night, she took her twin brother along. That girl friend lured both of them to some remote area, to an abandoned cottage in the middle of nowhere. In There, there were 5-6 guys, teenagers. Those guys invited them to drink alcohol but they refused and felt something wrong so they tried to leave those people. Unfortunately, they were outnumbered. Those guys started to use force with the girl. The twin brother tried to interfere but they slid his throat and stabbed him in his stomach into his death. The girl got raped by all and abandoned the next morning. Till now the police can capture only two of those people.

We see this kind of news more often. People get more violent these days. Why?

Pondering said...

I think the law and decision are not severe enough. In most case, if we set examples that certain BAD decisions to commit some BAD things are ABSOLUTE unacceptable, at least, some badasses out there will think twice before committing crimes.

Yet, there are a few exceptions. No matter how severe we punish them, some people still walk four-legs by nature.