Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just when I thought I was a bad driver.

Just when I thank God I'm not driving in Bangkok, some incidents like this happens:
  1. Some slow dumbasses are driving on a fast lane.
  2. Some idiots with "no" driving skills are on the phone. Again, no skills.
  3. Some bastards think they build the road out of their pockets.
  4. Some that can't keep up with highway speeds, but love to be on one. There is something we call, local roads.
  5. They are just......................................
Can never complain enough about bad drivers--they are all over the place, all ages and genders. But the type that never fails to throw me off is those dumbs who just cut right in front of you then decides to immediately slow down. This daydreaming has come to my mind a lot where I wish I was driving a hummer and just smash right up their ass!!


EVnoot said...

totally agree.

Pondering said...


Never complain enough about it. Bad drivers are all over the world and they seem to pass it on from generation to generation.