Friday, September 29, 2006

Successful Fast Food Business--McDonald's VS Arby's

Near my home on the Indy NW side, McDonald's and Arby's are neighbors..located side by side. Here is what I have seen:
OBSERVE 1: This is obvious. For three good dollars--Mc lovers get their cheeseburger, fries, and a soda. You will need at least 6 dollars to get a combo menu at Arby's.
OBSERVE 2: Twenty cars lining up along Mc drive through. Eat-in customers not included. Look at Mc's neighbor. Two wait on their drive through. One wait inside.
OBSERVE 3: Mc has already served all of those twenty drive throughers. Their neighbor still working on the second.
OBSERVE 4: Arby's menu is more fancy, much healtier, and obviously better freshly prepare. Mc only cares about serving fast. If you comes in during a non-rush hours..say..3pm. It is hard to miss that your food has been prepared since lunch time.
OBSERVE 5: According to OB 2,3, Mc employees seem to be trained better as far as fast food business concern.
OBSERVE 6: Mc offers sauces in the cup. This is so easy to dip. Arby's has their fancy sauces in a salad dressing package aside from cupped Arby's sauce. This is so awkward.
OBSERVE 7: Arby's usually sends their discounted coupons to residents around their neighborhood. However prices still higher than Mc who never sends anything to anyone.


noott said...

I thought McDonald went bankrupt a while back. Obviously, it's doing a good business, compare to Arby's at least.

Junk food is sitll junk food....but they taste so good!!

Pondering said...

That's right. How sad to admit it. But hey! how's your Canada thing coming along?

noott said...

The guy who's dealing with my application is on a month vacation. He'll be back on Oct 10. He'll contact me after his return.