Thursday, September 28, 2006

P. Manning Mania

Recently, I've been exposed to too much media coverage as well as tons of his TV ads. Now I have officially become one of his fans, Peyton Manning. Not a typical football fan, I have been watching the Colts game, well, not really in good faith. I have my own reasons of watching football and yes, Manning is one of them. Call me shalllow. I don't care. May be I should go buy that blue jersey. I've come a long way since the first day of trying to understand the game--today I'm proud to say that I know what is going on in the field (well..still trying to learn here and there of rediculously different rules of college and NFL. Still struggle, but hey, I've gotta stick to my purposes. No you don't wanna know what.)

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noott said...

well, i want to know.