Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What Da Hxxx?

Really, I do not understand. Why in the world do some people love posting with army and tanks during coup time? As far as I know, coup has occured due to political matters, and I'm very gladful it's been peaceful so far--it shows this coup has entered the situation in good faith. The only one thing that makes some senses to me is: snapping pictures of coup, tanks, soldiers etc to capture the event. But to put smiley faces, encouraging your kids and (see pictures) with the coup? Gosh...I just cannot get over it. I'm aware a lot of people love having their pictures taken, but hey! look at these pictures, they are acting like army's national meet n' greet day. I'm sorry this so so pathetic. I just do not get it, understand it, or....what kind of word should I put here? (sorry kids (see little school kids photo,) you have nothing to do with this stuff. I understand your teacher has made you guys to.)
See, I'm not an expert on the subject, but I am very embarassed. Look at those army, they even agree to do so. I do not need anybody to agree with me here, but take a look at these photos--thousands words have been described.
(Photo Courtersy of AP)


noott said...

I am one of those people to go there and take some snaps with soldiers and tanks. I guess it helps lessen the stress and for the good image of the coup team. They are trying to say they meant no harm to anyone and didn't have any intention to seize the power for themselves. They just did what they needed to do to ensure the peace of Thai people. We all agree this coup is meant for good cause. Usually the coup attempt involves violence but here they try to send the message that they are doing it peacefully. But it's still too soon to tell. Wait and see if the coup leaders keep their promise.

Pondering said... are one of them. It's not like I attack those photo people I just think it's funny. So hey send me some pics.

Anonymous said...

Martial law is a welcome relief in Thailand after the excesses of the Thais love themselves party (But despise Southerners, Khmers, Burmese, Laos, Isan etc.)

The army didn't leave with plane loads stuffed with suitcases of cash like Thaksin did either.