Friday, September 29, 2006

Why bad things happen to good people? (like me?)

Complain No. 1: Internet was down this late morning, I drove to the BMV License Branch near home, hoping to give that ATM machine-look-alike a try to renew my car registration. Once getting there, I only found the branch has been closed down.

Complain No. 2: So I drove all the way up north (far away,) getting loss (driving back and forth within 5 miles radius for about 45 minutes), finally once getting to BMV, some old lady told me that the self-service machine was broken.

Complain No. 3: Then, I looked over inside the BMV building, noticing tons of people in there (this is going to take me like an hour, in which my previous plan was supposed to stop by the branch near by home, use that self-service station, go back home = 15 minutes total. Now it had turned to be this big tedious shit...sorry.)

Complain No. 4: Too late to turn around now. Already got loss, wasted some gas, burned some calories, I would have to live with it, so upon walking in, this BMV lady kept bitching about me not waiting behind the line. No..I wasn't waiting. I was wondering in there.

Complain No. 5: For some odd reasons, this BMV does not use number system to call customers. I was the one to take all the fall in there. Like expected, I ended up having to pronouce my name to some curious people. This is so stupid.

Complain No. 6: Driving so much today (hot MD suggests to avoid driving due to ear sensitivity.) Coming home, feel like hell.

THE ONLY GOOD THING OF THE DAY: Able to finish 24 forth season. Agent Bauer is awesome!! We can use someone like this in the world--if possible.


noott said...

Everybody has some bad days sometimes. At least you had a good time with that 24 sidcom. I like "HOUSE" Have you ever seen it?

Pondering said...

Not yet. But my sister has praised this show for a while now. I think I will try to watch it some times. For now..I have so much TV series under my belt.