Monday, October 01, 2007

Rob Zombie's Halloween

I'm one of those weirdos--always end up rooting for the bad guy. Recently, I come across a recent film made by Rob Zombie--the Halloween aka Mike Myers movie. This movie has been around for a while, re-made, re-edited. The recent one by Rob Zombie though, I won't put it on a top list of my fav movies, but it makes me think--I've always been rooting for bad boys.
As a fan, I've always felt bad for our bad boy here. According to myself, Michael Myers ain't bad since he was born. Heck, with a family background like that, I'd have turned psycho as well. It seems to me he has his reasons to kills, though I disagree with his action, I too feel for him. Not sure if this is what Rob Zombie is trying to get his point across, but if he is, it works--with me. Well, if you've been following this movie, you'll see, so many times, the movie (s) show Myers's bitter background. I guess, again GUESS, nobody is originally bad. It has a lot to do with environments and experiences. These should give me or you another reason to forgive those to have done bad things. Well, at least some of them.

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