Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Which Housewife Are You?--little fun quiz

I've found out just a few seconds ago, I'm Lynette of Desperate Housewives! The abc website's 'which housewife are you?' quiz reads.....

"You gave up a great job for this? No one really appreciates you, and yet you slog on, with very little sleep and very little thanks. Who can blame you when you occasionally lose it? Hang in there. Just lay off the Ritalin."

Hey......I have no comment on this quiz result above. There is nothing to dislike about this show, though, there are a lot to love about it. A while back when all the girls love 'Sex and the City' so much, though Sex and the City' has their down time. This 'Desperate Housewives' has not have one yet (according to me!). This season three has been going so good. I love the show! Many people who haven't seen this show yet often wonder what make the show so special. Well, I say it offers me with lots of flavors--comedy, thriller, suspense, drama and family. Also love the screen play. Love the show. And thanks to my Comcast DVR--I no longer have to watch commercials!!!

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