Friday, October 12, 2007

When teaching is NOT my thing

I have been aware of it. So it's not like a big surprise when finding out how much I suck at training or teaching other people. In the past two weeks, the company I work for has hired a new person in my department. Unfortunately, I've been assigned to train her and to be her "mentor."


My lack of impatience has been killing me slowly and slowly. The girl has no background whatsoever, yet it's not really her fault to not know all the red tapes and bureaucratic things can get. Imagine teaching people from the ground up--counting from zero to who-knows-what. It pisses me off. She asks (which is understandable) and asks and asks and asks. Me, I'm going nuts! But see, I can't be all bi-polar-ish with her either. It's not really her, it's ME. Me who is extremely short temper and have less than zero patience.

Today is supposed to be my last day of training her....the rest is just acting as a counselor. Answer when she questions. Suggest when she needs. Hold her hands as needed.

Thank God it's weekend.

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