Sunday, June 03, 2007

Life outside Indianapolis

I like today.

First of all, I've talked to one of my childhood best friends I had not spoken/ seen for over 15 years. It happens that her sister works at the same place as a family friend who happens to know my sister. So here, she has my email address. I emailed her back. She called me just minutes ago. I am thrilled. I am very excited. The funny thing is: she studies at Ann Arbor, Michigan, which basically only four hours away from me.

Second cool story of today is: I finally bought the plane ticket to Thailand in August. My date of leaving, visiting home and catching up seems to be real now. This is great. I didn't realize how excited I was until the minute I submitted my credit card numbers. I am over the roof. I am all about it. I'm going to Thailand in a couple of months!!!

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Pae said...


It was great to get in touch with you again. I was really excited and thrilled too :)

Please pass my best regards to your parents and your siblings.

Now I have realized how small the world is. Six degree of separation does exist!!